Credit card acceptance for your shop

Accept customer payments via all common card types now.

acceptance contracts, acquiring banks, payment gateways... The connection of card payment methods to online shops seems very complex at first glance. The good news: You don't necessarily have to be interested in all these details!

As an approved payment institution, we are able to take all necessary steps for you to accept credit cards. Simply tell us which cards you would like to offer in your online shop. We take care of the rest.




Advantages of our full-service solution

With Eastpay you can easily offer your customers the option of credit card payment in your online shop.
Simplicity and transparency as a principle
Simplicity and transparency as a principle
The simple applicability and comprehensibility of our solutions is our highest claim. For this reason, the processing of debit and credit cards via the Eastpay payment platform is fully automated for our customers. All you have to do is install our payment module in your shop and conclude an acceptance contract with our in-house acquiring service.
  • Fully automated processing
  • Only install payment module in the shop
  • In-house Acquiring Service
Secure payment system
Secure payment system
The Eastpay payment platform is a proprietary development of our company. The independence from external system architectures ensures that our platform can be checked and optimized for security risks on a daily basis. At the same time, our payment system meets all current official security standards and is certified according to the requirements of the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industries Security Standards Council).
  • Independence from external system architectures
  • Meets all current official security standards
  • PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industries Security Standards Council) zertifiziert
Connection to the shop system with just a few clicks
Connection to the shop system with just a few clicks
The Eastpay payment modules are available for all common shop systems and can be installed as plugins with just a few clicks. Both the commissioning and the handling are designed for maximum user friendliness and do not require any programming knowledge.
  • For all common shop systems
  • Install as a plugin with just a few clicks
  • No programming knowledge required
Integrated risk management
Integrated risk management
With the conclusion of a contract every customer gets access to the Eastpay Risk Suite. The individual configuration of over 40 available risk checks allows you as a trader to optimally adjust your risk management to markets and buyer groups and to protect yourself effectively against chargebacks and payment defaults.
  • Access to the Eastpay Risk Suite
  • Over 40 available risk checks
  • Effectively protect against chargebacks and payment defaults

Ihr Akzeptanzvertrag mit Eastpay

The Eastpay Acquiring Service
The Eastpay Acquiring Service
If you want to offer credit or debit cards in your online shop, you need an acceptance contract with a so-called acquiring bank (Acquirer). The Acquiring Bank acts for you as an "interface" to the respective credit card networks (VISA, MasterCard etc.). The contract thus regulates the recognition of your business as an official point of acceptance for credit cards. As an approved payment institution, we are able to issue and mediate acceptance contracts independently. While with many other providers you have to conclude a contract with the payment service provider as well as with the cooperating acquiring bank, credit card acceptance at Eastpay takes place from a single source. Your advantage: You save unnecessary costs and integration effort.
  • Eastpay can issue acceptance contracts independently
  • Everything from a single source
  • You save unnecessary costs and integration effort

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